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"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them"

David Hicks, designer

My name is Claire and I create interiors for you with my own imprint, but mainly yours. 

From an early age, I enjoyed shuffling all kinds of furniture at home. Over the course of a few years, my desk visited perhaps all corners of the room, and the most sophisticated handicrafts from my own workshop appeared on my parents' shelves.

When it was time to start taking my career seriously, I went to study interior design in Florence, Italy, where I gained a lot of valuable experience. I learned the rules of ergonomics, dispositions or color compositions. I gained skills in 3D programs and technical and practical knowledge, which I can now pass on to projects.

Since returning from Florence, I have worked as an interior designer for the German company Westwing, thanks to which I had the opportunity to work on foreign projects and learn a lot about world trends. 

Interiors have become not only my career, but also a lifelong hobby, so when I have some time off, I like to travel and discover design pieces from different countries. In addition, you can spot me practising yoga or with a glass of wine in one of the many beautiful Prague cafes. :)


Now I focus mainly on my own projects. I will be happy to help you with your home or non-residential space. Don't just shuffle furniture ... let's give the interior real value together!



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